Thesis Topics on Complex Systems

Unless stated otherwise, all topics are offered at the Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt at the group of Prof. Wilfried Elmenreich.

Design of an Autonomous Robot for Swarm Applications
Type: Master thesis or Bachelor thesis
Advisor: Sergii Zhevzhyk, Wilfried Elmenreich

The goal of the project is designing of an affordable, 3D printed, open-platform, and autonomous robot for swarm applications. Robotic swarms are gaining more and more interest in the multi-robot research. They take inspiration from nature emerging collective behaviour from interactions between robots and interactions of a robot with the environment. A large number of simple robots can solve common complex tasks which can be insurmountable barriers for one robot. The idea of the project is to find optimal design of the sensory configuration and modular structure of the autonomous robots which can be used in swarm application. It includes designing of a PCB for obstacle detection and inter-robot communication, 3D modeling of the robot’s parts and programming of the robot’s behavior. 

Implementation of Infrared Power-variable Communication for Swarm Robotics 
Type: Master thesis or Bachelor thesis
Advisor: Sergii Zhevzhyk, Wilfried Elmenreich

Communication plays a crucial role for an implementation of successful behaviour in the field of swarm robotics. The goal of the project is an implementation of efficient IR communication for a large colony of robots. Varying of a power of the IR diodes allows controlling of an emitting range. This feature is mimicking the ants’ communication having about 20 different chemical pheromones, each represents a message that the entire colony understand. At the same time, the proposed approach may help to decrease an interference in robots’ communication. The project requires programming of the inter-robot communication, testing and validation of different communication patterns.

Design of a Bootloader for Programming of Robots in Swarm Applications  
Type: Bachelor thesis or Research project
Advisor: Sergii Zhevzhyk, Wilfried Elmenreich
Robotic swarms consist of many small robots accomplishing some complex tasks. Real experiments with such large colonies may be time consuming when some modifications of programs are needed. The idea of the project is to develop a bootloader for autonomous robots in order to simplify uploading of new or modified programs. The bootloader should communicate with autonomous robots via infrared and offer simple and understandable interface for uploading of a sketch.

Framework for evolutionary design and optimization tasks 
Type: Master thesis
FREVO is an open-source framework developed in Java to help engineers and scientists in evolutionary design or optimization tasks. The major feature of FREVO is the componentwise decomposition and separation of the key building blocks for each optimization tasks. We identify these as the problem definition, solution representation and the optimization method. This structure enables the components to be designed separately allowing the user to easily swap and evaluate different configurations and methods or to connect an external simulation tool. The intended work for the thesis can be done in one of the following two ways:
(i) implementation of a new problem domain within the framework and evaluate how well the neural controllers can be evolved to solve the task.
(ii) implementation a new representation for the controller (e.g. Spiking Neural Networks) and apply it to existing problem domain implementations.

Fitness landscape analysis
Type: Bachelor thesis
AdvisorWilfried Elmenreich
For a set of problems, the fitness landscape should be analyzed using a simulation approach. You should have a fair knowledge of Java and be interested in simulation.

Setting up a robot simulator
Type: Research project
Look into existing simulators and compare them based on their features.

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